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Context actions are quick actions that take advantage of the content of your notes. Context actions allow you to perform quick tasks like calling a phone number, opening a web page or viewing an address in Maps. Each content type has a primary action and a set of secondary actions associated, which can be configured in settings. For example, the primary action of a phone number could be “Call phone number”, the secondary actions would include “Send a message to this phone number”, “Search phone number on Google” and “Delete note”.

Actions can be used in a variety of places:

Main App

Swipe left on a note and

  • tap on the blue button to trigger the default action for the content type (e.g. call a phone number)
  • tap on the gray “More” button to show a menu with additional actions. These actions are identical for all notes

Actions can be configured in the “General” section of the settings menu.

Notification Center Widget

  • Tap on a note to show a button with the note’s default action


  • Call phone numbers or open addresses directly from Spotlight search results
  • Call phone numbers or open addresses directly on your Apple Watch