Importing and Exporting Notes

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Importing Notes

You can use the share sheet in many apps to quickly send notes and other content to SnipNotes. Tap on the “Share” button  in another app and select SnipNotes in the upper row of icons. If you don’t see SnipNotes, tap or click on the “More” icon and see if you can enable it.

Please be aware that SnipNotes does currently not support mixed text and image notes, so you might not be able to migrate all your data. I’m planning to add this feature in an upcoming update.

Exporting Notes

Export Individual Notes

You can use the “Share” button  inside SnipNotes to export individual notes to other apps.

Export Multiple Notes

SnipNotes for iOS allows you to select multiple text notes and export them as one block to another app:

  1. Tap on the list icon in the lower left corner
  2. Select your notes or tap on the tile icon in the right upper corner to select all notes
  3. Tap on the arrow icon in the right upper corner
  4. Select “Share …”

On macOS, you can select multiple notes by holding down the shift or command key. Use the “Share” button  as you normally would with a single note.

Export Notes as Text Files

If you want to save text notes to a file manager or a cloud storage, you have to go into settings and enable the option „Share notes as files“ first. SnipNotes will then create a text file for each selected note and insert its contents as plain text. This option can lead to export issues with certain apps, therefore it is disabled by default.

Export All Notes

If you want to export all your notes as text files, you can use a functionality inside the privacy settings:

  • iOS: Open the settings menu in SnipNotes and tap on “About” => “Privacy” => “Export All Notes”
  • macOS: In the menu bar, click on “SnipNotes” => “Settings…”. Click on the “Privacy” tab and then on “Export to ZIP file”

SnipNotes will create a ZIP file with all your notes as text files as well as all your images.

Drag and Drop

You can also import and export notes on iPad and Mac with Drag and Drop. More details are available in this article.