Organizing Your Notes

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SnipNotes is designed for managing lots of notes and provides several helpful organization tools for this purpose.


Categories are like folders on your computer. You can group your notes by topics and create your own organization system. Every category can be assigned an icon for quick recognition.

You can access categories in several places of the app:

  • In the main app: Tap on the folder icon to reveal your categories. On macOS, categories are visible by default
  • In the notification center widget: Tap on the folder icon in the lower left corner to switch to a different category (iOS only)
  • On Apple Watch: Tap on “View notes” and swipe left or right to browse through your categories. You have to enable synchronization for each category on your iPhone first: Swipe left on a category and turn on the switch “Synchronize with Apple Watch?”

Multiple selection

You can select multiple notes and assign them together to another category, delete them and more!

  • iOS: Tap on the multi-select icon in the lower left corner, select your notes and tap on the arrow in the upper right corner
  • macOS: Select multiple notes by holding down the shift or the control key and right-click on your selection. You can also use drag-and-drop


Drag down the notes list to reveal the search bar (iOS) or select it in the upper right corner (macOS). Enter a search term and SnipNotes will only show notes that match your criteria. Both the title and the content of your notes will be searched.

Filters (iOS only)

Filters allow you to narrow down your notes list by certain criteria. Tap on the filter icon in the navigation bar to get started. From here you can select several filters, e.g. show only notes created today or only phone numbers. You can also combine multiple filters.