Siri Shortcuts

Important: This feature requires iOS 12 and SnipNotes version 2.8 or above.

You can use Siri on your iPhone or iPad to automate commonly used actions with shortcuts. A Siri shortcut is a custom voice command that you record to trigger a particular action in an app. SnipNotes allows you to create shortcuts for the following use cases:

Siri Shortcuts for Notes

At the bottom of a note, you’ll find the shortcuts button. This will open a menu with multiple options, inter alia:

  • Open Note with Siri: You can record a voice command to open this note with Siri
  • Read Note/Show Image with Siri: Siri can read text notes and show images, without having to open the app. This is very useful when you’re using AirPods or a HomePod for example.

Siri Shortcuts for Categories

Open a category and tap on the list icon with the little plus symbol to open the create menu. This menu also allows you to create the following Siri Shortcuts:

  • Open Category with Siri: You can record a voice command to open a category with Siri
  • Save Current Location: Say this shortcut to Siri and it will save your current location in the chosen category
  • Add Current Clipboard: Similar to “Save Current Location”, this shortcut will save the contents of your clipboard in SnipNotes without having to open the app

Siri will also suggest shortcuts for actions that you perform frequently on the lock screen, in Siri settings and on Apple Watch.

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