SnipNotes Widget

The today view widget lets you access your notes and create new notes anytime, without leaving your current app.


  1. Swipe right on your home screen to show the today view
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Edit”
  3. Add the SnipNotes widget by tapping on the green plus button
  4. Tap on “Done” in the upper right corner to finish the procedure


You can access the widget as follows:

  1. Swipe to the right on your home screen
  2. While you have an app open, swipe down to reveal your notifications. Swipe to the right on an empty space

The widget consists of three areas:

  1. The upper area lets you save new notes: The left button saves the contents of your clipboard and the right button saves your current location by default
  2. Underneath you will find your notes. The widget does always display notes from your currently open category in the main app. New notes will also be saved in this category
  3. The bottom edge houses the control elements
    1. Tap on the folder icon (only visible in the expanded state) to switch to another category
    2. The right buttons let you quickly access the main app: Create a new note, dictate a note and take a picture with your camera (from right to left)

Tap on a note to reveal three actions. You will see an action that depends on the note’s content (e.g. call a phone number). In addition, you can copy the note into your clipboard and move it into the trash.


The settings menu (section “Widget”) contains various settings that let you configure the widget to fit your needs.

  • Configure right button: If you don’t need to save your current location, you can assign another function to the right widget button. For example, you can use it to open the main app or clear the contents of your clipboard
  • Save clipboard content automatically: This setting will read the contents of your clipboard and save it automatically as a new note. Due to limitations in iOS, this feature doesn’t work in the background. The widget has to be visible.
  • Show clipboard content: Use this setting to hide the preview of your clipboard at the top edge of the widget
  • Show only favorite notes: You can mark notes as a favorite with the star icon. These notes will be pinned to the top of your list. If you enable this setting, the widget will only show notes which are marked as a favorite
  • Limit visible notes: In its compact mode, the widget will only show one note. Tap on “More” in the upper right corner to switch to the extended mode. This setting lets you control the number of notes which are visible in this extended mode

Tips & Tricks

  • Tap on the SnipNotes icon in the upper left corner to quickly open the main app