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Synchronize your own categories with Apple Watch

SnipNotes on Apple Watch will only show notes from your inbox by default. But you can also enable synchronization for your own categories:

  1. Open the category list on your iPhone
  2. Swipe left on a category and tap on “Edit”
  3. Turn on the switch named “Synchronize with Apple Watch?”

You can also manage the synchronized categories in the settings menu. Go to the Apple Watch section and tap on the row “Synchronize categories”.

Important: This functionality is only visible when SnipNotes is installed on your Apple Watch.

Edit your existing notes

In addition to creating new notes, SnipNotes on Apple Watch lets you also add text to your existing notes or replace their content:

  1. Open a note on your watch
  2. Hard-press on the screen
  3. Select “Append text” or “Replace text”

Access SnipNotes from your watch face

SnipNotes offers a complication, which gives you quick access to the app right from your watch face. In addition, you can configure the complication in settings on your iPhone to perform one of the following tasks:

  • Open SnipNotes
  • Create new note (Dictation or Scribble)
  • Dictate new note
  • Save current location
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