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Disable content detection for a note

Sometimes a regular text note is falsely recognized as a phone number or an address. In this case, you can disable the content detection for this particular note as follows: iOS Open the note Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner Select “Edit metadata …” Turn off the switch “Recognize Note as […]

Content Types

SnipNotes scans your notes automatically for several content types: Phone numbers Internet links Email addresses Locations und GPS coordinates Images Events Flight numbers When SnipNotes detects such a content inside your note, it highlights the matching portion of the text and displays an appropriate icon next to your note. Content types are especially useful for two applications: […]

Context Actions

Context actions are quick actions that take advantage of the content of your notes. Context actions allow you to perform quick tasks like calling a phone number, opening a web page or viewing an address in Maps. Each content type has a primary action and a set of secondary actions associated, which can be configured in settings. […]