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Text Formatting for Notes

Notice: These features require at least SnipNotes 2.7 for iOS or SnipNotes 1.3 for macOS. You can style your notes with a variety of formatting options: Bold and italic text Underlined and strikethrough text Headers Text colors Bullet lists Use the buttons above the keyboard (iOS) or the toolbar buttons (macOS) to control formatting. Many formatting […]

Delete and Restore Notes

If you don’t need a note anymore, you can move it into the trash. This can be accomplished in multiple ways: iOS Open a note and tap on the trash icon in the lower right corner In the list of notes, swipe to the left on a note and tap on the trash icon 3D Touch […]

Search Notes

SnipNotes offers two ways to search through your notes: In-App search SnipNotes for iOS: Open the list of notes and tap on the search bar at the top of the screen. If you cannot see the search bar, drag the list down with your finger until the bar becomes visible. SnipNotes for macOS: Click on the […]

Importing and Exporting Notes

Importing Notes You can use the share sheet in many apps to quickly send notes and other content to SnipNotes. Tap on the “Share” button  in another app and select SnipNotes in the upper row of icons. If you don’t see SnipNotes, tap or click on the “More” icon and see if you can enable it. Please be […]

Organizing Your Notes

SnipNotes is designed for managing lots of notes and provides several helpful organization tools for this purpose. Categories Categories are like folders on your computer. You can group your notes by topics and create your own organization system. Every category can be assigned an icon for quick recognition. You can access categories in several places […]

Create New Notes

SnipNotes offers many ways to quickly save existing information or to enter your own thoughts. The following paragraphs describe a variety of ways to save specific types of information. These are no step-by-step guides. Enter your own text Open the main app and tap on the pencil icon 3D Touch on the home screen icon and […]

SnipNotes Components

SnipNotes consists of several components, which you should familiarize yourself with to take full advantage of the app: Main App Open the main app by tapping on the home screen icon. This is the place where you access your notes, organize them and create new ones. You can use the main app both in portrait and landscape […]