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Siri Shortcuts

Important: This feature requires iOS 12 and SnipNotes version 2.8 or above. You can use Siri on your iPhone or iPad to automate commonly used actions with shortcuts. A Siri shortcut is a custom voice command that you record to trigger a particular action in an app. SnipNotes allows you to create shortcuts for the following use […]

Drag and Drop on iPad and iPhone

Important: This functionality requires an iPad or iPhone running iOS 11 and SnipNotes 2.6 or higher Drag and Drop is an intuitive and fast way to interact with your notes. SnipNotes supports Drag and Drop in the following areas: Import text and images (iPad only) Put SnipNotes side-by-side with another app, e.g. Safari. Long-press on an […]

Create Notes With Siri

Important: This feature requires SnipNotes version 2.6 or above. You can use Siri on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to create new notes, append text to existing notes and search for notes. Open Siri by long-pressing on the home button and try one of the following examples: Create new notes “Create a note in […]

SnipNotes Widget

The today view widget lets you access your notes and create new notes anytime, without leaving your current app. Installation Swipe right on your home screen to show the today view Scroll down to the bottom and tap on “Edit” Add the SnipNotes widget by tapping on the green plus button Tap on “Done” in […]