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Protect Your Notes with a Passcode and Touch ID

Note: These features are currently only available in the iOS app. You can protect your notes from unauthorized access with a passcode and Touch ID. Open SnipNotes and tap on the cogwheel icon in the lower right corner to open the settings menu. Select the items “Main App” => “Passcode / Touch ID” and turn on […]

Tips & Tricks for Apple Watch

Synchronize your own categories with Apple Watch SnipNotes on Apple Watch will only show notes from your inbox by default. But you can also enable synchronization for your own categories: Open the category list on your iPhone Swipe left on a category and tap on “Edit” Turn on the switch named “Synchronize with Apple Watch?” […]

Disable content detection for a note

Sometimes a regular text note is falsely recognized as a phone number or an address. In this case, you can disable the content detection for this particular note as follows: iOS Open the note Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner Select “Edit metadata …” Turn off the switch “Recognize Note as […]

Siri Reminders

Did you know that you can create reminders for your notes? Open a note, activate Siri and say “Remind me on this”. That will create a reminder with the note’s contents and a link back to SnipNotes. You can also use this command to add a time- or location-based alarm, e.g. Remind me on this […]