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Backup and Restore Your Data

If you use iCloud synchronization, your notes are backup up automatically in iCloud and will be downloaded on the first launch of a new device. In addition, you can use the backup functionality of your device to create a copy of SnipNotes’ data: iOS Back up your device as usual via iCloud or iTunes. This backup […]

Reset SnipNotes

When SnipNotes refuses to launch or crashes often, you can do the following: Reset all settings Go into system settings on your iPhone or iPad Scroll down and select the “SnipNotes” row If you don’t see this row: Double-tap on the home button to bring up the app switcher Swipe up the settings app to […]

Resolve issues with iCloud Synchronization

SnipNotes saves your notes automatically during editing and usually transfers them to your other devices within seconds. If this automatic synchronization does not work properly, you can usually fix the issue by following these steps. You should perform each step first on the device which has all notes locally available. If this doesn’t help, repeat […]