Intelligent note-taking

SnipNotes brings your notes to life with automatic content detection and intelligent actions.

Save everything anytime

You can quickly save any information from your clipboard, another app or add your own text and images.

Use your notes everywhere

Access your notes while using other apps or other devices, thanks to the notification center widget and iCloud synchronization.

A powerful organizer

SnipNotes is a full-featured note manager with note titles, custom categories, search functionality, filters, Touch ID and much more!

SnipNotes is a very capable, easy to use the app. It’s worth the investment and can be used with other clipboard managers and note-taking apps.

If you need a note-taking app for more than just jotting down the odd stray thought, this is a powerful app for capturing text and then doing things with it all.

A cross between a note-taking and clipboard manager app, SnipNotes makes it easy to create and share text or image notes from everywhere on your iOS device.

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