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SnipNotes (…) has gone from strength to strength and (…) provides a standard of note sharing between iPhone and Watch that Apple themselves could hardly topple. SnipNotes

If you need a note-taking app for more than just jotting down the odd stray thought, this is a powerful app for capturing text and then doing things with it all. SnipNotes

A cross between a note-taking and clipboard manager app, SnipNotes makes it easy to create and share text or image notes from everywhere on your iOS device. SnipNotes

Create Notes Your Own Way

SnipNotes lets you quickly capture new ideas on all your devices. Dictate notes with Siri, save content from websites and add text or images with drag and drop. SnipNotes can also automatically save your clipboard and even remember your current location.

Quick Access From Anywhere

SnipNotes keeps your notes in sync on all your devices. You can create a new note on your Watch and read it later on your Mac. Or vice versa. Access your notes right from the home screen with the powerful today widget. You can use Siri to open, read and create notes for you. Your notes are also available offline on all your devices.

Intelligent Actions Will Save You Time

SnipNotes saves you time with its intelligent actions: Create new calendar events from within your notes or quickly navigate to an address.

Swipe on a note to perform quick tasks: Archive, copy or pin a note to the top of your list.

Always Keep Track Of Your Notes

SnipNotes keeps you organized with an inbox, an archive and custom categories for your notes. The flexible search will highlight results. You can select multiple notes and move them into another category, merge, export or delete them in one go. SnipNotes also keeps your notes secure with a passcode and Touch ID / Face ID.

SnipNotes Matches Your Taste

Notes can be styled with a variety of formatting options (lists, colors, headlines and much more). Customize your notes with a big selection of glyphs for easy recognition. SnipNotes also provides ten different color schemes and a dark mode.

Full Privacy

SnipNotes protects your privacy and does not collect any analytics data.

Markdown Support

Format your notes with Markdown. SnipNotes can also import and export Markdown notes.


SnipNotes supports powerful iPad multitasking, including split screen and multiple windows.

Siri Shortcuts

Create your own shortcuts to quickly open notes and categories with Siri.

Multi Select

Share, merge, archive or delete multiple notes in one go.

Spotlight Search

Find and open notes right from your home screen with Spotlight search.

Undo Changes

You can undo most changes with the tap of a button. No shaking required.

Print Notes

You can easily print a note or save it as a PDF file.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate your notebook and create new notes with keyboard shortcuts.

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