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1. General

SnipNotes combines a clipboard manager with a note-taking app. Clipboard managers focus on enhancing the clipboard’s functionality and act as a cache for copying and pasting multiple items. Note-taking apps let you save various types of information and store them for later use, but often require you to switch between different apps.

The goal of SnipNotes is to take the best out of both worlds: Quickly save information from various sources and provide intelligent ways to reuse them later from wherever you are. SnipNotes recognizes the content of your notes and provides you with quick actions, e.g. call a phone number or view an address in Maps. These actions can be accessed from anywhere without switching between apps.

A feature overview is available here.

SnipNotes for iOS is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The app requires iOS 15.7 / watchOS 8.7 or later.

SnipNotes for macOS runs on macOS 12.6 Monterey or later.

Yes, SnipNotes stores your notes locally on all platforms and also works without an internet connection. Your changes get transferred automatically the next time your device is connected.

On Apple Watch you can always access your synchronized notes, even when your iPhone is out of range. If your Apple Watch supports LTE connectivity, you can even create new notes on the go.

Yes, SnipNotes automatically adapts to your system. You can also set a different appearance manually.

In addition, SnipNotes offers ten different tint colors. For example, if you don’t like the blue, you can color the app green or red.

2. Purchase & Activation

You can download and test SnipNotes on all devices for free. The paid features like iCloud synchronization and subcategories are unlocked via a one-time purchase (SnipNotes Plus).

SnipNotes is a free download on the App Store and requires a one-time purchase for advanced features like iCloud synchronization. You can find the price inside the section “In-App Purchases” on the App Store page (SnipNotes Plus).

You can download and test SnipNotes on all devices for free. The paid features like iCloud synchronization and subcategories are unlocked via a one-time purchase (SnipNotes Plus). You can choose to purchase these features only for your current platform (iOS or Mac) or for both platforms together.

No, you can permanently activate all functions with a single purchase.

If you like SnipNotes and you want to support further development, you can find a tip jar in the app. As a thank you, you have the opportunity to choose a different color for your app icon.

3. Storage & Privacy

Yes, you protect the whole app or individual categories with a numeric passcode and Touch ID / Face ID. More information about this topic is available here.

Your notes are saved locally on your device and in iCloud.

SnipNotes saves your notes locally inside a database. On macOS, you can view this file with the free tool Realm Studio and create a backup. For more information please refer to Backup and Restore Your Data.

iCloud is used to synchronize your notes between devices. SnipNotes uses a database technology inside iCloud named CloudKit. This data can only be read by SnipNotes and is not accessible from outside. More information on the security of your data is available in the privacy policy.

You can protect your notes with a PIN code or Touch ID. This feature is currently only available on iOS but will come to macOS soon.

Encryption is handled by the system itself. On iOS, all your data is automatically encrypted when you use a password or Touch ID. On macOS, you can enable encryption in system settings. Your data in iCloud and communication to and from iCloud are also encrypted automatically.

Yes. All your notes are stored in an encrypted container inside your iCloud account. SnipNotes does not track your usage nor analyze your notes. Your data stays private.

You can learn more in the Privacy Policy.

4. Integration

Apple does not (yet) offer an interface for direct access to the pre-installed Notes app. SnipNotes has no access to this data and cannot import it automatically.

There are several ways to import notes into SnipNotes. You can find an overview here.

SnipNotes does not save your notes as files, but as data records in a database called CloudKit. This is a delimited area within iCloud that is not displayed in the file browser. Within this database, each app has its own container that only it can access.

As the notes are not saved as files, I unfortunately cannot easily synchronize them with a file-based provider such as Dropbox or Nextcloud. To do this, I would have to completely redevelop the storage format and unfortunately there is not enough demand for this.

Yes, you can find the documentation here.

5. Troubleshooting

On the next launch you will be asked to send a crash report. With this information, I can narrow down the problem and fix it faster.

If you would like to further speed up the process, please contact me and briefly describe the steps that led to the crash.

I usually publish a new update every week and can thus fix errors and crashes promptly.

Please restart your iPhone and Apple Watch. This can already solve the problem in many cases.

If the problem persists after the restart, please contact me.

I have written a help article on this topic that contains common causes and solutions to this problem.

If the problem persists, please contact me.

6. Future Updates

I constantly collect feedback and evaluate new features based on demand, effort, and other factors. Although I cannot fulfill every wish, I always try to implement small feature requests in a timely manner. If you are missing a specific feature, please get in touch with me.

I’ve compiled a list of frequently requested features. Please take a look at it before contacting me.

Updates with new features will be announced in the blog section and on Twitter. If you want to receive the latest news and useful tips around SnipNotes, you can sign up for the newsletter.

Yes, you can sign up right here.

There are currently no plans to support other platforms like Windows or Android, because they would require a complete redevelopment.

I consider developing a web version that would allow you to access your notes from any device.

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