The following tables will give you an overview about what SnipNotes can do for you (and what it cannot do yet). If you have any questions, please get in touch with me or take a look at the help section and the FAQ.

Create Notes

FeatureiOSMacApple Watch
Quickly create new notes
Text formatting in notes
Insert pictures from the camera, photo library or other apps
Insert checklists into your notes
Dictate text notes
Save your clipboard (automatically)
Add content from other apps via the share sheet
Drag and drop content from websites or other apps
Save your current location
Create notes with Siri

Quick Access to Notes

FeatureiOSMacApple Watch
Add notes and categories as widgets to your home screen
Access notes via Siri shortcuts
Synchronize notes between multiple devices via iCloud
Pin notes to the top of the list
Access notes via Spotlight search
Retrieve your notes even without an internet connection

Organize Notes

FeatureiOSMacApple Watch
Organize notes into categories
Search notes and highlight matches
Archive completed notes
Select and delete/move/merge multiple notes
Create note reminders
Change the creation date of a note retroactively
Undo changes


FeatureiOSMacApple Watch
Protect individual categories or the entire app with Touch ID / Face ID
View multiple windows side by side
Access frequently used actions with keyboard shortcuts
Export notes to other apps via the share sheet or with note actions
URL scheme for automation and integration with other apps
Print notes


FeatureiOSMacApple Watch
Choose between ten different colour themes
Light and dark mode
Set your own icons for notes and categories
Customize SnipNotes with the built-in settings menu
Increase or decrease the font size



✅ = Feature is supported
❌ = Feature is not supported yet

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