The following tables will give you an overview about what SnipNotes can do for you (and what it cannot do yet). If you have any questions, please contact me or take a look at the help section and the FAQ.


Create and use notes from anywhere

Feature iOS macOS Apple Watch
Quick access to your notes


(Dock, Complication)
Create notes from anywhere
(Widget, Share Sheet)

(Menu bar, Widget, Share Sheet)

(Dictation, Scribble)
Copy and paste data from clipboard n/a
Dictate text notes
Save images from camera, photo library or other apps n/a
Quickly save your current location
Share notes with other apps n/a
Synchronize notes to other devices via iCloud
(via iPhone)
Access your notes offline

Intelligent note-taking

Feature iOS macOS Apple Watch
Automatically detect the content of your notes
Quickly call phone numbers
View addresses on a map
(Multiple addresses)

(Multiple addresses)

(One address)
Open websites and create emails n/a
Create calendar events n/a
Track flight numbers n/a
Use actions from anywhere

Customize actions with third-party apps

A powerful organizer

Feature iOS macOS Apple Watch
Organize your notes with custom categories
Search through your notes
Sort notes by date or alphabetically
Add a title to your notes for quick recognition
(set on iPhone)
Mark notes as favorite to keep them at the top of your list
(set on iPhone)
Apply filters to show only certain notes (e.g. created today, only phone numbers etc.)
Delete notes and restore from trash
(Restore on iPhone)
Select multiple notes (delete, assign to a category etc.)
Merge multiple notes n/a
Import text and images (Drag & Drop, clipboard or share sheet)
(Drag & Drop on iPad only)
Export (multiple) notes (Drag & Drop, clipboard or share sheet)
(Drag & Drop on iPad only)
Print notes n/a
Undo changes
Notes save automatically to prevent data loss n/a

Modern and flexible

Feature iOS macOS Apple Watch
Create, complement and search notes with Siri n/a
Use handoff to quickly open notes from other devices
Secure SnipNotes with a passcode or Touch ID n/a
Preview notes and categories with 3D Touch n/a
Quickly access frequently used features with Touch Bar n/a n/a
Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts
(iPad only)
Use SnipNotes in split-screen with other apps
(iPad only)
Customize SnipNotes and its components with the integrated settings menu
Create Siri reminders ("Remind me on this") n/a n/a
Open notes from home screen with Spotlight search n/a n/a
Choose your own colors and font sizes
URL scheme for automation and integration with other apps n/a


✅ = Feature is supported
❌ = Feature is not supported yet
n/a = Feature is not supported by the operating system