The first update for SnipNotes has arrived!

Good news! SnipNotes 1.01 has just been released on the App Store. The update brings first improvements based on your feedback:

  • Shrinked the icons and line spacing in the snippet list a little bit
  • The main app can now also delete the current content of your clipboard

The update also fixes some errors:

  • The widget now opens https hyperlinks properly
  • „Copy“ inside the main app now copies the content of your snippet into clipboard, not the title
  • Fixed animation problems inside the widget
  • Fixed minor crashing issues

Thank you so much for your support! Please continue to send me your feedback to [email protected]. It helps me a lot to enhance and refine the app.

Download on the App Store

What is SnipNotes and what can I do with it?

So, you stumbled across SnipNotes on the App Store, on a website or on social media and asked yourself the question: “Well, this app looks quite interesting, but what can I do with it? What should I use it for?”. I’m happy to help you with that! In this blog post and the next few ones, I will give you an overview of SnipNotes and outline a few use cases, which you might find quite interesting! Let’s start today with a basic introduction to the SnipNotes widget.

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