Join the SnipNotes Beta!

The biggest update for SnipNotes yet is nearly finished. Besides support for Apple Watch this update will also allow you to save images and bring many small and medium size improvements.

To fix as many bugs as possible, I’m looking for beta testers, who want to try out the new version ahead of its release and send me their feedback as well as any errors they encounter. Everything you need for that is an iOS device and an email address, owning SnipNotes is not required. If you are interested, please write an email to [email protected] and include the devices that you own. I would be especially happy about testers with older devices (iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad mini 1) or the Apple Watch, but anyone is welcome. As soon as the beta version is available, I’ll send you an invitation with further instructions.

I would be happy to answer any questions in the comments or at the previously mentioned email address.


Thank you!

Today I want to take the time to say thank you. In the last days SnipNotes has been reviewed several times on websites like and This led to a big increase in downloads: In Germany alone, SnipNotes climbed the charts up to the top 40 and even reached second place in the utilities category. Thank you very much for the media coverage and the trust!

I’m even more happy about the very positive feedback that I have received since. SnipNotes is currently rated five stars in the German App Store and I also get a lot of positive feedback via email, on Twitter and in the comments below the articles. Thank you very much! I collect every single suggestion and try to include as many as I can in the next big update.

The next major version of SnipNotes is already in the last stage of development. Besides support for Apple Watch this update will also allow you to save images (more on this next week) and bring many small and medium size improvements. In this regard there will also be an announcement in a few days. 😉

Thank you very much for using SnipNotes! Please continue to send me your feedback to [email protected] or write it in the comments down below.


The German SnipNotes homepage is now available!

Good news for Germany! A localized version of the SnipNotes homepage is now available. You can read the announcement post right here. This should improve the readability for german speaking users and provide a better separation of user generated comments (e.g. no more german comments under english text).

In addition to the homepage, I’ve also created a separate Twitter account for German. So if you prefer to read the latest news around SnipNotes in this language, please follow on Twitter.

More information around SnipNotes is coming soon. Stay tuned!

The first major updates for SnipNotes has arrived!

Good news! The first major update for SnipNotes has just arrived on the App Store and brings cool new features for your widget:

Forgot where you parked your car? Found an interesting place? In addition to clipboard storing, the SnipNotes widget can now also save your current location. This works from anywhere, even from the lockscreen! Read more about this feature here.

Long press on an entry to bring up context actions. If you stored a phone number for example, you can call it directly, send a SMS or search it on the web. If you saved your current location, you can view it in Maps. Actions are also available for hyperlinks, email addresses and regular text. This feature is explained in more detail here.

This update also brings a lot of other improvements, including better readable fonts and a more compact layout. This post has all the details.

Thanks so much for your support! Please continue to send me your feedback to [email protected]. It helps me a lot to enhance and refine the app.

You can download the new SnipNotes right here:

Download on the App Store

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