What’s next for SnipNotes: Apple Watch

Welcome again to “What’s next for SnipNotes” – the series, where I give you sneak peaks about upcoming features for SnipNotes. Another major update is on the horizon and it will be the biggest update for SnipNotes yet! Besides adding many cool new features this update will also provide support for a new platform: The Apple Watch.

SnipNotes on Apple WatchThe Apple Watch was released about one month ago. Many developers were eager to support it right from the beginning, so they developed their apps solely in the simulator. For me it was more important to get a real device first, so I can better understand the Watch’s concepts and limitations and test the app under real-life conditions. The Watch’s usage scenarios are quite different from those found on iPhone and iPad and not every app is a good fit for its tiny screen. So what about SnipNotes? Does it make sense to use it on Apple Watch? Well, the final decision is up to you, but I think we are off to a good start.

The Apple Watch is designed for quick interactions and so is SnipNotes. When you open up the watch app, you get a famililary looking list of your snippets along with context-specific icons. The rows are quite big, so you can tap on them easily even while on the go. Use the watch’s digital crown to scroll the list up and down or swipe on the screen instead.

Tap on an entry to bring up its detail view. From here you can read the whole content of a snippet or delete it directly. If you stored an address, the app brings up a little map. You can tap on the map to get directions to this location.

SnipNotes on Apple Watch

SnipNotes for Apple Watch also gives you the ability to add new snippets right from your wrist. To do that bring up the list view and press firmly on the display to open up the context menu:

SnipNotes on Apple Watch

You can use your voice to dictate a new snippet or you can save your current location as you normally would from the iOS today widget. Remembering your parking lot just got a lot easier!

And that is SnipNotes for Apple Watch. How do you like it? Please share your opinion down in the comments.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have an Apple Watch (yet).  As I said before this will be the biggest update for SnipNotes yet and we’re just getting started! And as soon as you get an Apple Watch, SnipNotes will be ready for you.

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