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Sneak Peek: Enrich Your Notes with Images

“Sneak Peek” is a new series on this blog where I give you a quick glimpse into upcoming features and other interesting stuff in and around SnipNotes.

The next major SnipNotes update will allow you to insert images into your text notes. Let’s take a closer look today on how to do this.

When you open a note for editing, you see a formatting bar floating above your keyboard. On the right side there is a new button for adding an image at the current cursor position. Tap on it and SnipNotes will present the following options:

  • Take a picture with your camera
  • Insert an existing image from your photo library
  • Add an image from your clipboard

If you have an image on your clipboard, you can also tap directly into the text and select “Paste” to insert the image.

By far the easiest way to add images is drag-and-drop on iPad. Drag one or multiple images from another app and drop them into a note in SnipNotes. This also works great with text. That way you can quickly compose notes with text and images from other apps.

Take a look at the following video to see this in action:

The new update will be available for beta testing very soon. Stay tuned and thanks for reading. 😉

TipNotes: Custom Note Icons

“TipNotes” is a new series on this blog with useful tips & tricks on how to get the most out of SnipNotes.

SnipNotes shows a little icon next to each note based on its contents. If an icon is not suitable for your note or you’re getting bored of all the same document icons, you can change it as follows:

On iOS

  1. Open the note and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner
  2. Select “Change Note Icon …”
  3. Pick a new icon and hit “Done”

On macOS

  1. Hover over the icon with your mouse cursor and click the little triangle icon
  2. Pick a new icon and click on “Done”

Afterwards, your note list should look a lot more personal to you. 😉

TipNotes: Link Your Notes With Other Apps

“TipNotes” is a new series on this blog with useful tips & tricks on how to get the most out of SnipNotes.

SnipNotes allows you to create external links for your notes. You can use these links to quickly return to a specific note from another app.

  1. Open a note in SnipNotes
  2. Tap on the link icon at the bottom center of the screen
  3. Select “Generate External Link”
  4. Copy the link into your clipboard or share it with another app
  5. Paste the link into another note, your favorite task manager or any other app. Tap on it to quickly return to the note

Here is a quick demo of this procedure:

Pro Tip: SnipNotes uses an URL scheme to enable this kind of navigation between apps. You can use your own URL scheme to create new notes in SnipNotes and search for notes. Click here to learn more.

Sneak Peek: More Details on Your Notes

“Sneak Peek” is a new series on this blog where I give you a quick glimpse into upcoming features and other interesting stuff in and around SnipNotes.

Today’s Sneak Peek is about your notes list. In the next major update, SnipNotes will show you more details on your notes:

In addition to the note’s title, SnipNotes will preview the first lines of the note. If your note contains any images, the first image will appear as a little thumbnail on the right side. The notes list can now also show formatted text (bold, underlined, etc.) and bullet lists.

TipNotes: Autosave Your Clipboard

“TipNotes” is a new series on this blog with useful tips & tricks on how to get the most out of SnipNotes.

SnipNotes on iPad can become a powerful research companion with the following settings:

  • General => Save source of clipboard items: When you copy text from Safari, SnipNotes will automatically append the URL of the webpage to the note
  • Main App => Save clipboard content automatically: SnipNotes will automatically save the contents of your clipboard whenever the app is visible

Put SnipNotes side-by-side with another app (e.g. Safari) and start copying text or images. SnipNotes will automatically create a new note out of each clipping. 🎉 Every text note will have the URL of the webpage attached to the bottom.

Take a look at this video for a quick demo:

Sneak Peek: Notes with Text and Images

“Sneak Peek” is a new series on this blog where I give you a quick glimpse into upcoming features and other interesting stuff in and around SnipNotes.

Work on the next major SnipNotes update is well underway. Today I want to share with you a few early screenshots of a big new feature in this update: The ability to create notes with text and multiple images. 🎉

You will be able to add images to your existing text notes and add text to new image notes. Images can be loaded from your local device (camera, photo library, etc.), copied from a webpage or dragged in from another app. More details on this feature will follow. 😊

SnipNotes 2.9 for iOS and SnipNotes 1.5 for macOS are now available!

Today I’m happy to release the first big SnipNotes update in 2019. This update has been in the works for over three months and adds a whole bunch of new features to SnipNotes. It also improves on existing features and lays the groundwork for an eventful year 2019. Let’s get started! 😃

Note Actions (iOS)

Note Actions have been available since the introduction of SnipNotes 2.0 in 2016. While they proved to be very useful in many situations, their UI has always been a bit messy. The buttons were small and hard to press, the settings screen was cluttered. This all changes today: Note Actions have been completely overhauled.

You can now swipe both left and right on a note to access a total of six buttons. Four of them are static, but you can change their order in the settings menu:

  • Move note into trash
  • Pin note to the top of the list
  • Copy note into clipboard
  • Move note into archive (see below)

The remaining two buttons are dynamic:

  • The blue button shows an action depending on the content of your note. If you have saved an address for example, you can quickly open Maps to begin navigation.
  • The gray “More” button reveals a popover with additional actions for the note. These actions are available for all types of notes and allow you to quickly use your notes with other apps. For example, you can search a note with Google in Safari, put it into an email or open it in apps like Evernote, Bear, Drafts and Day One.

Both the content specific actions and the generic text actions can be configured in the settings menu. The settings UI should also be much easier to understand and use. 😊

Category and Note Icons (iOS, macOS)

One of SnipNotes’ biggest strengths has always been its customizability. You can choose from a variety of theme colors, customize many parts of the app with the comprehensive settings menu and select your own category icons. The latter part will get a lot more interesting with this update…

First of all, there are over 50 new category icons from a wide spectrum of topics like sports, events and travel. The icons have been organized into multiple sections to ensure a good overview.

Second, you can now also change the icon of your notes! Since the icon is no longer needed to trigger an action (remember the blue button), you can now easily replace it with something better suited to represent your note. All category icons are also available for your notes. They synchronize over iCloud and are always up to date on all your devices.

Note Archive (iOS, macOS)

There is a new archive for your completed notes. Notes in the archive disappear from your main list but are still synchronized with iCloud. Swipe right on a note to quickly move it into the archive.

Modify Note Dates (iOS, macOS)

You gain more control over the order of your notes. While there is no manual sorting yet, you can now change the creation date and modification date of a note. In addition, notes will only get marked as modified when you change their contents or the title.

Improved Undo (iOS)

Various note actions like delete, move, merge and archive will now display a status bar at the bottom of the screen, which you can use to undo the action. Of course, you can still undo actions “the classic way” by shaking your device.

Tip Jar (iOS)

Last but not least, there is now a tip jar in the settings menu. If you enjoy the app and want to support the future development of SnipNotes, I would appreciate a small tip. Thank you!

But that’s not all. There are a couple of improvements to existing features as well:

  • iOS
    • Added note actions for the following apps: Bear, Drafts 5, Day One, Todoist, Things 3, Ulysses, iA Writer, Waze and HERE We Go
    • The swipe actions are now also compatible with VoiceOver
  • macOS
    • You can now add images directly from your iOS devices: Click on the „New Image” button and select „Import from iPhone or iPad”. This functionality requires macOS Mojave
  • All platforms
    • „Favorite notes“ have been renamed „Pinned notes“. The star symbol has been removed. The note icon is now tinted instead
    • Added support for right-to-left languages

Thanks for reading this far! If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with me.

Resolve issues with Apple Watch

This article describes troubleshooting steps for various issues related to Apple Watch.


  • SnipNotes does not show up on my Apple Watch
  • In the settings menu on my iPhone, I see the message “Please install SnipNotes on your Apple Watch”


Please open the Apple Watch – App on your iPhone and check if SnipNotes is listed in the section “Installed on Apple Watch”

  • If no: Please scroll down to the section “Available apps” and tap on the “Install” button next to SnipNotes
  • If yes: Tap on the “SnipNotes” row and disable the switch “Show app on Apple Watch”. Wait until the uninstallation is complete and enable the switch again

If the issue persists after (re)installation, please restart your Apple Watch.

If SnipNotes is not listed in the Apple Watch – App at all, please tap on “General” => “Info” and make sure that you have installed at least version 4.0 of the operating system on your Apple Watch. You can update the software under “General” => “Software update” if required. Otherwise, please try to restart your iPhone.


  • I don’t see any notes on my Apple Watch
  • The notes on my Apple Watch are incomplete
  • Notes created on my watch do not show up on my iPhone


Please try to reset the synchronization with your Apple Watch:

  1. Open SnipNotes on your iPhone and on your Apple Watch
  2. Open the settings menu in SnipNotes on your iPhone (cogwheel icon)
  3. Tap on the “Troubleshooting” row
  4. Tap on the “Reset” button in the “Apple Watch” section
  5. Keep SnipNotes on your Apple Watch active (Screen is turned on and the app is in the foreground) and wait until the spinning wheel disappears on your iPhone
  6. Tap on “Done” in the upper right corner of your iPhone

This process will re-transfer all notes from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. They should show up on your Apple Watch shortly after. Please note that only notes in the inbox are synchronized with your Apple Watch by default.

If following these steps doesn’t solve your issue, please get in touch with me. I’m happy to help!

SnipNotes for iOS 12

In line with the release of iOS 12, I'm happy to announce a big update for SnipNotes, which takes advantage of the operating system's new features. This update focuses on the integration of Siri Shortcut, which lets you automate frequently used actions and trigger them with your voice.

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Siri Shortcuts

Important: This feature requires iOS 12 and SnipNotes version 2.8 or above.

You can use Siri on your iPhone or iPad to automate commonly used actions with shortcuts. A Siri shortcut is a custom voice command that you record to trigger a particular action in an app. SnipNotes allows you to create shortcuts for the following use cases:

Siri Shortcuts for Notes

At the bottom of a note, you’ll find the shortcuts button. This will open a menu with multiple options, inter alia:

  • Open Note with Siri: You can record a voice command to open this note with Siri
  • Read Note/Show Image with Siri: Siri can read text notes and show images, without having to open the app. This is very useful when you’re using AirPods or a HomePod for example.

Siri Shortcuts for Categories

Open a category and tap on the list icon with the little plus symbol to open the create menu. This menu also allows you to create the following Siri Shortcuts:

  • Open Category with Siri: You can record a voice command to open a category with Siri
  • Save Current Location: Say this shortcut to Siri and it will save your current location in the chosen category
  • Add Current Clipboard: Similar to “Save Current Location”, this shortcut will save the contents of your clipboard in SnipNotes without having to open the app

Siri will also suggest shortcuts for actions that you perform frequently on the lock screen, in Siri settings and on Apple Watch.