Introducing SnipNotes 5 for iOS and Mac

I’m happy to introduce a major new update for SnipNotes. Besides some of the most frequently requested features like subcategories and iCloud synchronization for Apple Watch, this version also includes a few changes for new and existing customers, which I would like to talk about first:

  • New users can now unlock SnipNotes with a single in-app purchase for iOS and Mac. Both apps are available as a free download on the App Store.
  • Subcategories require a one-time upgrade for existing customers within the app. This purchase unlocks the feature for both iOS and macOS. If you have purchased SnipNotes Plus after January 1, 2023, you will automatically gain access to subcategories. All other new features are available free of charge for existing customers.
  • To enable shared purchases for iOS and macOS, I had to release a new app on the Mac App Store. Instructions on how to migrate to the new version can be found here. Your notes and purchases will be automatically transferred to the new app.

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TipNotes: Powerful Sharing

“TipNotes” is a new series on this blog with useful tips & tricks on how to get the most out of SnipNotes.

The sharing functionality of iOS is a great way to share text, images, locations and more from your current context with another app on your device. SnipNotes integrates with the sharing system and lets you quickly create new notes from within other apps. Let’s walk through the steps and look at some interesting use cases.

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