What’s next for SnipNotes: Image support

The next big update for SnipNotes is approaching (the beta test will start soon). Besides an app for Apple Watch the new version will also support a completely new content type: images.

From the beginning SnipNotes was designed for storing short text snippets. This is the area where SnipNotes can show its strengths, for example with context actions and earn itself a spot on the devices of many users. At the same those users often want to save more than just plain text und don’t want to use multiple apps for that. With the coming update I’m taking a first step to solve this problem, because SnipNotes will soon be able to save, show and share not only text but also images.

Image inside the widgetTo copy an image from Safari or Photos into clipboard, long tap on it and choose the option “copy”. The SnipNotes widget automatically recognizes the image inside the clipboard and saves it as a snippet inside the app as soon as you tap on “Save”. If the image is very large it may have to open the main app to do that, because iOS doesn’t give widgets a lot of memory to work with.

After that the image gets listed inside the widget with its own icon and can be copied back into clipboard, deleted or viewed inside the main app (or on Apple Watch) like any other snippet.



Image in main app

Inside the main app you can view the actual image. Here you can change the image’s title, which will be shown in the overview list and inside the widget. Tap on the “share” button in the lower left corner to insert the image into an email, add it to your iCloud photo library or send it via WhatsApp, just to name a few examples. In addition to that you can also mark the image as a favorite or delete it from here.

Image snippets can also be created inside the main app. The camera symbol in the snippet list (see the image on the right) allows you to capture a photo with your device’s camera, which will be saved in the app and can also be shared with other apps.

Images are synchronized via iCloud and are thereby available on every iOS device. To reduce the loading times and traffic volume when starting the app for the first time on a new device, an image won’t be downloaded and stored on the device until you open it for the first time.

How do you like the new feature? Please share your opinion in the comments down below. If you want to be one of the first to try out this new feature, sign up for the beta test.

But that’s not all. Besides image support and an app for Apple Watch the new update will also bring many small and medium size improvements. But that is something for another blog post.

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