Sneak Peek: Enrich Your Notes with Images

“Sneak Peek” is a new series on this blog where I give you a quick glimpse into upcoming features and other interesting stuff in and around SnipNotes.

The next major SnipNotes update will allow you to insert images into your text notes. Let’s take a closer look today on how to do this.

When you open a note for editing, you see a formatting bar floating above your keyboard. On the right side there is a new button for adding an image at the current cursor position. Tap on it and SnipNotes will present the following options:

  • Take a picture with your camera
  • Insert an existing image from your photo library
  • Add an image from your clipboard

If you have an image on your clipboard, you can also tap directly into the text and select “Paste” to insert the image.

By far the easiest way to add images is drag-and-drop on iPad. Drag one or multiple images from another app and drop them into a note in SnipNotes. This also works great with text. That way you can quickly compose notes with text and images from other apps.

Take a look at the following video to see this in action:


The new update will be available for beta testing very soon. Stay tuned and thanks for reading. 😉

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