SnipNotes 2.0 is coming – and you can test it today!

SnipNotes is approaching its first anniversary and will soon receive a big makeover. I'm inviting all of you to take a look at this major new update before its official release. For this purpose I've set up a simple form where you can sign up as a beta tester. You will receive an invitation shortly after. Let me show you what's new:

From the beginning SnipNotes has been designed to be more than just a simple clipboard manager. With features like favorites, note titles and custom sorting SnipNotes users are already able to organize large amounts of notes. With this release I'm adding new features make this much easier. You will be able to search through your notes and sort them automatically by creation date or alphabetically. There is also a new filter view, where you can e.g. show only notes created in the last 7 days or only phone numbers. You can also combine multiple filters and view only favorited email addresses for example.

New search bar

Various filters

Contextual actions are a key feature of SnipNotes. The app recognizes the content of your notes and allows you to perform actions, e.g. call a phone number or open an address in Maps. These actions are built into the notification center widget, so you can use them from wherever you are, even from the lock screen! In SnipNotes 2.0 there will be a lot more actions available. You can now open addresses in Google Maps, websites in Chrome, email address in Inbox and much more. In settings you can toggle these actions on and off, so you will only see actions relevant to you. In the widget the type icon has been replaced with a single action button, which you can also configure in settings. Tap on it to trigger your favorite action immediately. The remaining actions will as usual become visible when you long press on a note.

New widget buttons

Action settings

Additional features will be added during the beta and will also be revealed on this blog. I'm looking forward to your feedback, so please send me your opinion, suggestions as well as any bugs you may encounter. Please sign up for the beta and thanks for testing!

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