What’s Next for SnipNotes

A major milestone has been achieved with the release of SnipNotes for macOS. Since then I’ve been working to enhance many aspects of the app and make stability improvements. Today I want to share my progress so far and what you can expect in the next updates for both iOS and macOS.

You can try out these features today by signing up for the beta test.


Passcode protection for categories

Privacy is an important aspect of a note-taking app, so SnipNotes supports a passcode and Touch ID since early on. However, often times only some notes are confidential and you don’t want to enter the passcode for all the other stuff too. With the next update you will be able to switch between two protection modes: “Request passcode at launch” and “Request passcode only for certain categories”. With the second option, you can choose which of your categories contain sensitive information and protect only those.

Configure your launch view

There is a second new setting that lets you configure the launch view of the app. In addition to returning to the last category, you can now always begin at the inbox or open the category picker right away.

Export notes as files

The share dialog supports a lot of new apps, including file managers. This way you can, for example, select multiple notes and export them as text files to a file system or a cloud storage of your choice.

Automatic saving

A subtle, but important change is the ability to save notes automatically. This feature is already integrated into the macOS app and now also comes to iOS. This means that you will never again lose unsaved information due to a crash and you no longer have to tap on that save button. Your notes will also synchronize faster with other devices.



You can now print your text and image notes or save them as PDF files. This feature should have been included right from the start but was somehow left behind. ?

Improved sharing

The share dialog now works with multiple notes. Sharing will now also generate a text file, so you can send notes as email attachments for example.

Improved iCloud synchronization

The synchronization with iCloud caused issues for some users in the past and I’ve been hard at work in resolving most of them. In particular, the conflict handling has been improved and SnipNotes will no longer override any changes if it is not sure what the correct version of a note is. These changes also apply to the iOS version of course.

In addition, these updates fix a lot of bugs and contain many under-the-hood changes. I need your help to make sure that these changes work as intended and don’t introduce any new issues. If you’re interested please sign up for the beta test and help me test these updates. Both updates will be available on their respective App Store later this month.

Existing Mac testers will receive an invitation for the new beta and don’t need to sign up again.

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