SnipNotes for macOS, SnipNotes 2.4 for iOS and more!

Today marks the final release of SnipNotes for macOS! Thanks to all the beta tester, who provided invaluable feedback over the course of the last several months and made this release possible in the first place. SnipNotes for macOS brings many of the features you know and value from your iOS devices to the Mac. While the look and feel of the new app is very familiar, it is packed with a lot of features unique to the Mac. For example, you can quickly create new notes right from the menu bar and with keyboard shortcuts. The app offers drag-and-drop support, multiple note selection, automatic saving and more.

SnipNotes for iOS has also received an update today. Here is what's new:

  • SnipNotes does now detect dates and times and lets you create calendar events right within the app
  • The app can now also recognize flight numbers, which you can look up to get more information on the flight
  • The share sheet now lets you select a category for the new note
  • In the main app, you can now also tap on a note’s icon to trigger its primary action (e.g. call a phone number)
  • You can configure the Apple Watch complication to dictate a new note or save your current location
  • Scribble on Apple Watch is now available for French, Spanish and Italian

Both apps are available with a discount for a limited time!

Here on the homepage you will find detailed information on both apps. I've created a new comprehensive overview about all the features SnipNotes has to offer on each platform. There is also a brand new help section, which will be expanded continuously and can also be accessed from within the app.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. You can also reach out on Twitter.

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