SnipNotes for macOS is now available for beta testing!

You have requested it, now you can take a look for yourself: I'm happy to announce the first SnipNotes beta for macOS! Development is far from finished, but I want to incorporate your feedback as early as possible. This is a completely new app after all. You can download the beta right below, there is no registration required. Read on to learn what's inside the first version and what's still missing.

Many of you looked for a way to access their notes on the desktop, so I made synchronization a top priority during development. SnipNotes for macOS synchronizes with your iCloud account and displays all your notes and categories. The UI is similar to the iPad version, but provides a third column for quick access to categories. You can also collapse the category pane to save screen space.

SnipNotes for macOS allows you to create new text and image notes, which synchronize back to your iOS devices. You can edit existing notes and assign them to categories, just like on iOS. Categories can also be created and modified. Of course there is a trash as well, which will save your deleted notes in case you decide to restore them later.

I've also created a widget for macOS, which allows you to quickly save the contents of your clipboard and paste it back later. There is a button for opening the main app. Click on an icon next to a note to call the actions you know from iOS, e.g. call a phone number or open a link in Safari. You can also click on highlighted text in the main app to use these actions.

So what's still missing? Well, the UI isn't finished yet, I'm planning to add some better animations and usability improvements like drag and drop. There aren't any settings yet. And of course the macOS version offers just a subset of the iOS features. That's one point where I need your feedback most: which features are you still missing and should definitely be included in the 1.0 release?

I'm looking forward to your feedback very much! Thank you for testing and have fun!

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