Everything is new in May

‘Everything is new in May’ – that’s how an ancient German folk song begins. I’m happy to announce this proverb is also true for SnipNotes – SnipNotes 2.0 is nearly finished and will be released on May 19th! I’m finishing some details right now and you can still sign up for the beta test to send me your feedback. I’ve already covered the main new features in previous blog posts here and here. Today I want to round up the feature preview and talk about some new settings, which will give you a lot more control over the app.


Favorites are nothing new to SnipNotes. Since version 1.0 you can mark notes as a favorite and configure the widget to show only your favorite notes. With SnipNotes 2.0 this functionality will get a lot more powerful: There is a new setting to pin favorite notes to the top of your list automatically, so you have your important information always within reach. There is also a new action to mark a note as favorite, so you can create sticky notes right from the widget.

Widget improvements

The SnipNotes widget allows you to save your clipboard as well as your current location. The second feature is not useful for everyone, so I’m giving you the option to replace it with something different: You can use this button to open up the main app instead or toggle various settings on and off (e.g. autosave clipboard)

Other enhancements

The actions you know from the widget are now available in the main app too. Swipe left on a note to reveal them. They are context-aware and can be configured in settings. For example if you store a phone number, you will i.a. see a button with a little phone symbol, which you can tap to call the number.

There is a also a new option to save the source URL of clipboard items. When you copy text from Safari for example, SnipNotes will append the website URL to your note automatically.

Sounds interesting? Sign up for the beta test today and try these and many more features before everyone else!

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