SnipNotes 2.0 released

After over five months of development, seven beta releases and countless feedback messages from diligent testers, it's finally here: SnipNotes 2.0 was released on the App Store today and is available for download!

With this update SnipNotes receives a new design and over a dozen new features. An overview is available here, the complete list follows at the end of this news. Thanks a lot to the over a hundred testers and all fellow users, who made SnipNotes what it is today! Have fun with the app, I'm looking forward to your feedback.

New in SnipNotes 2.0

• A new design: The colors and icons have been updated to provide a cleaner, less distracting look and feel
• Actions have been dramatically improved: They are now also available in the main app. I've added lots of new actions for popular third-party apps. You can toggle them on and off in the settings menu. And in the widget each note now has an action button attached on the left side, which you can also configure in settings
• SnipNotes now runs natively on Apple Watch, so you can even use it while your iPhone is out of range. Performance has been improved and you can now call phone numbers directly from your watch
• You can filter your notes by type, date or favorite status and even combine multiple filters
• Pull down the list view from the top to reveal the new search bar
• You can protect your notes with a passcode and Touch ID
• There is a new auto-import feature, which saves your clipboard every time you open the app or the widget (configurable)
• Notes will be automatically saved during editing to prevent data loss
• Notes can now be sorted by creation date or alphabetically
• You can now configure the right widget button (Save location). Available options are: Open SnipNotes, show only favorite notes and turn auto-save on/off 
• Favorites can now be pinned to the top of your list. There is also a new action to turn the favorite status of a note quickly on and off (e.g. from inside the widget)
• There is a new option to save the source URL of clipboard items. When you copy text from Safari for example, SnipNotes will append the website URL to your note
• SnipNotes does now support URL scheme methods, so you can create shortcuts or automate certain tasks (e.g. with Workflow). You can find the documentation at

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