What’s Next for SnipNotes?

The last two and a half weeks have been great! I’ve received so much positive and constructive feedback like never before. Since then I’ve already released three minor updates, which included stability improvements and even some new user requested features, like the new color schema and some additional actions. Of course there are also many feature requests which cannot be implemented in a few days. Today I want to give you a short overview about what’s coming to SnipNotes in the next months.

Categories (SnipNotes 2.1 – July 2016)

Since its humble beginnings, SnipNotes has grown quite a lot and users use it more and more as their primary note-taking app. At some point users need better ways to organize their notes. Filters and search were a good start, but many of you requested custom categories, where you can put your notes into. More information on categories is available in this blog post. As always beta testers will get early access, you can sign up here if you haven’t already.

Trash (SnipNotes 2.1 – July 2016)

Sometimes you delete a note by accident or realize your mistake at a later point. There is already a delete warning and in the next update I will be adding a proper trash. The trash will keep your deleted notes, so you can restore them if needed. More information is available here.

SnipNotes for OS X (4th quarter 2016)

This is the most requested feature since day one. I’m already working on it and plan to release a Mac app this fall. It will be a proper app and not just a menu bar applet. And of course if will include iCloud synchronization with the iOS version. There will also be a beta test for the Mac app, just sign up and I invite you as soon as it’s ready.


Of course there is so much more on my wish list, those are just the highlights. I’m always listening for feedback, so if you have an idea please let me know! Stay tuned and thanks for using SnipNotes!

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