Your connection to is now encrypted

As of recently every visitor of gets automatically redirected to the secure, encrypted HTTPS protocol. You will see a little lock icon in the address bar of your browser. An encrypted connection is important when you enter data on a website, e.g. fill out a contact form or write a comment. The encryption ensures that nobody else can read or even modify your data.

The encryption certificate for was created with the recently launched, free service Let’s Encrypt. If you also host a website on your own server and want to generate a certificate yourself, simply follow the steps in this tutorial.

SnipNotes 1.4 released

Here is your present for St. Nicholas Day: A new SnipNotes update, which lets the app interact even better with everything around. Here is what’s new:

• SnipNotes is now integrated into the share menu of other apps. This way you can quickly add text, URLs and images to SnipNotes as well as save addresses from inside Maps.
• The app now supports keyboard shortcuts for external keyboards and the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard. Hold down the command key to bring up an overview of available hotkeys.
• The accessibility option “VoiceOver” is now supported.

I’m already working a new big update and need your help. I’ve collected a lot of feature requests in the past months and you can now vote for features which are most important for you. You can find the poll right here. 🙂

What’s next for SnipNotes: Integration with iOS 9

It’s been a while since the last post in this series. SnipNotes 1.2 was released about three weeks ago with big new features like image support and an app for Apple Watch. Meanwhile iOS 9 is available, which offers great new integration points for third-party apps. The next SnipNotes update will take full advantage of these new features and is actually closer than you think! Let’s take a look… …

SnipNotes 1.2 released

It’s finally here – the biggest update for SnipNotes yet is now available on the App Store! SnipNotes now works on Apple Watch, can save images, show you locations inside the app, offers new options for the widget and much more!

SnipNotes 1.2

The homepage has also received a few updates: There is a new front page, which has all the important information about the app, including a little video! There is also a contact form on the support page, so you don’t have to rely on your email client anymore.

As always, please contact me with any questions or suggestions.

What’s next for SnipNotes: All the little things (Part 2)

The great thing about beta tests is that you not only receive bug reports but also a lot of valuable feedback from the testers about things that could be improved or are still missing at all. Some of these requests are so extensive that they could easily fill a whole update alone, others are nice small additions that can be implemented with little effort. And since it is a beta test, I can push out new versions very quickly and the feedback cycles are very short. In the last post I talked about some new customization options which resulted from user feedback. Today I want to round up this chapter by telling you all about the additions I’ve made to the major new features since I introduced them a few weeks ago. …

What’s next for SnipNotes: All the little things (Part 1)

The biggest update for SnipNotes yet is getting really close. The beta test is going great, over 30 testers are currently squeezing out the last bugs. I’m also receiving a lot of valuable feedback from the testers and managed to integrate many of the feature requests right into this release. In this blog post and the next one I want to go over some of these changes. Today’s post is all about customization. …

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