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SnipNotes for iOS 12

In line with the release of iOS 12, I'm happy to announce a big update for SnipNotes, which takes advantage of the operating system's new features. This update focuses on the integration of Siri Shortcut, which lets you automate frequently used actions and trigger them with your voice.

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Siri Shortcuts

Important: This feature requires iOS 12 and SnipNotes version 2.8 or above.

You can use Siri on your iPhone or iPad to automate commonly used actions with shortcuts. A Siri shortcut is a custom voice command that you record to trigger a particular action in an app. SnipNotes allows you to create shortcuts for the following use cases:

Siri Shortcuts for Notes

At the bottom of a note, you’ll find the shortcuts button. This will open a menu with multiple options, inter alia:

  • Open Note with Siri: You can record a voice command to open this note with Siri
  • Read Note/Show Image with Siri: Siri can read text notes and show images, without having to open the app. This is very useful when you’re using AirPods or a HomePod for example.

Siri Shortcuts for Categories

Open a category and tap on the list icon with the little plus symbol to open the create menu. This menu also allows you to create the following Siri Shortcuts:

  • Open Category with Siri: You can record a voice command to open a category with Siri
  • Save Current Location: Say this shortcut to Siri and it will save your current location in the chosen category
  • Add Current Clipboard: Similar to “Save Current Location”, this shortcut will save the contents of your clipboard in SnipNotes without having to open the app

Siri will also suggest shortcuts for actions that you perform frequently on the lock screen, in Siri settings and on Apple Watch.

Try SnipNotes Before You Buy

I'm happy to announce a frequently requested change to the SnipNotes pricing model: The iOS app can now be downloaded and used completely free of charge for 7 days. After this period the app becomes read-only and must be unlocked with a one-time purchase. This change doesn't have any effect on existing users and is currently limited to the iOS version of SnipNotes. If proven successful, I will also introduce a free trial for the macOS version.

The SnipNotes Formatting Update has arrived!

Since its release in February of 2015, SnipNotes has evolved from a simple clipboard manager into a comprehensive note-taking app. The app has gained many new ways for adding and organizing notes. One part, however, has remained largely unchanged: SnipNotes was only able to store and display notes with plain text. That restriction gets finally lifted with this update.

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Text Formatting for Notes

Notice: These features require at least SnipNotes 2.7 for iOS or SnipNotes 1.3 for macOS.

You can style your notes with a variety of formatting options:

  • Bold and italic text
  • Underlined and strikethrough text
  • Headers
  • Text colors
  • Bullet lists

Use the buttons above the keyboard (iOS) or the toolbar buttons (macOS) to control formatting. Many formatting options can also be set with the keyboard (e.g. ⌘ + B for bold text).

Formatting can be applied to selected text as well as to the current cursor position.


SnipNotes stores the formatted text in Markdown syntax. This means that you can also write notes in Markdown directly:

  • Bold Text: **Text**
  • Italic Text: *Text*
  • Underlined Text: _Text_
  • Strikethrough Text: –Text– (two dashes before and after the text)
  • Headlines: # Headline 1, ## Headline 2 etc. (6 levels are supported)
  • Colors: [#ff0000](My red text)
  • Bullet List:

* Level 1
** Level 2
*** Level 3

Please note that you can currently not combine multiple formatting options.

Backup and Restore Your Data

If you use iCloud synchronization, your notes are backup up automatically in iCloud and will be downloaded on the first launch of a new device.

In addition, you can use the backup functionality of your device to create a copy of SnipNotes’ data:


Back up your device as usual via iCloud or iTunes. This backup contains the data of all your installed apps, including SnipNotes.


Create a copy of SnipNotes’ data folders with Time Machine or another backup utility:


~/Library/Group Containers/

The second path contains a subfolder “database”. The file “SnipNotes.realm” stores all your notes and can be viewed with the free tool Realm Browser.

Notice: When you restore a local backup, you may have to reset the iCloud synchronization.

Better Notes

Since its humble beginnings as a simple clipboard for text snippets, SnipNotes has evolved into a comprehensive note-taking app and is chosen by more and more users as their primary notepad. One of SnipNotes’ biggest remaining limitations is that notes can only contain plain text and no other elements. The next updates are aimed at filling this gap. Here is an overview of the current development plan. Continue reading

Drag and Drop on iPad and iPhone

Important: This functionality requires an iPad or iPhone running iOS 11 and SnipNotes 2.6 or higher

Drag and Drop is an intuitive and fast way to interact with your notes. SnipNotes supports Drag and Drop in the following areas:

Import text and images (iPad only)

Put SnipNotes side-by-side with another app, e.g. Safari. Long-press on an image or a paragraph in the other app until it hovers under your finger. You can use another finger to select additional elements. Drag these objects onto the list of notes in SnipNotes and lift your finger. SnipNotes will create a new note for each element.

Export notes (iPad only)

Put SnipNotes side-by-side with another app, e.g. Apple Notes. Long-press on a note in the list until it hovers under your finger. You can use another finger to select additional notes. Drag these notes into the other app until you see a little plus icon. Lift your finger and your notes will be copied into the other app.

Move notes between categories

You can use Drag and Drop to quickly move multiple notes into another category or into the trash. Drag them onto the category icon in the upper left corner. Hold your finger for a second until the category picker opens up. Drop your notes onto a category to move your notes there.

Merge, share or delete notes

Instead of using the multi-select button in the lower left corner, you can access the same features with Drag and Drop. Start to drag a note and you will see a little arrow button in the upper right corner of the notes list. Select additional notes and drop them onto the arrow button. From there you can select to merge, share or delete them. For deleting your notes you can also drag them onto the trash button in the lower right corner of the screen and lift your finger.

Create Notes With Siri

Important: This feature requires SnipNotes version 2.6 or above.

You can use Siri on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to create new notes, append text to existing notes and search for notes. Open Siri by long-pressing on the home button and try one of the following examples:

Create new notes

“Create a note in SnipNotes saying buy milk and cheese”

“Create a note called shopping list in SnipNotes saying tomatoes and cucumbers”

“Create a note in SnipNotes saying buy milk and cheese in shopping category”

Append text to existing notes

“Append milk to my note called shopping list in SnipNotes”

Search for notes

“Show me all my notes in SnipNotes”

“Show me notes I created last week in SnipNotes”

“Show me notes in SnipNotes that contain the word buy”


Important: You must include “in SnipNotes” in your requests. Otherwise, Siri talks to Apple Notes instead of SnipNotes.